Photo Competition

We've been running our website photo competitions since social media was just a twinkle in Mark Zuckerberg's eye and we've always been delighted with the entries that have been sent into us. It is such a pleasure to see our 'Waterproof Worlds' in active use, out and about, making outdoor play more comfortable and fun!

You can see all our fantastic entries from over the years (see below). Many of these children will be at university or starting their own families now, but thank you so much to all who have sent us these photos!

For our latest competition, we made this lovely family photo from Caroline our winner. The Waterproof World waders have been passed down through the family from Merryn (age 4) on the right, through Rewen (age 2) on the left, and along to little Alexandra (age 1) in the middle. Snug dry rock pooling, water ever the weather!

Caroline's kids (Merryn, Rewen & Alexandra) having a fantastic time rock pooling in their waders

Caroline gets the £30 voucher to spend on our website - probably on more waders! Thank you again everyone for sending in your photos

We'll be running another competition in the future. All photos of our products being worn received in the meantime will be automatically entered; so please keep taking the photos and please keep sending them in - it makes our day to see them!

Click here for competition terms. See all the fabulous entries below. Click on the mini pictures to see the full detail.

Previous Winners

Nicky L's son
June 2015
Jessica J
April 2014
Felix W
April 2013
Finlay B
April 2012
The Waterlily Children
April 2011
Toby S
Feb 2010
Seely G
Oct 2010
Jasper and Seren
Sept 2009
Little Haaf in his Waterproof World waders
Feb 2009
Lloyd - dry and warm in Regatta Puddle Suit
Sept 2008
Feb 2008
Robert and Joanna H
Sept 2007
Anezka K
Jan 2007
Alex B
Jan 2006
Noah M
Feb 2006
Murdo M
March 2006
Kaitlyn and Finlay
Aug 2006
Poppy D
Aug 2006


Latest Competition Entries

Helen's son Christina's son Laura G's kids Lisa P's daughter
Vinnie S Into the Ark Forest School Danielle's son Stirling M
Kate's triplets Charlie's son The Green family Archie P Becky's son


Previous Competition Entries

Jess W Sam C's son Archie & Connie H Johnny W
Gregor C Jacob D Susie Z's daughter Archie A
Thomas Mc Helen BM's daughter Lucy B's daughter Jack M
Jonathan S
Amirah S
Eoghan H
Katie M
Meikes children
Arthur G
Issac & Ellie
Karen K
Jessica J
Daniel L's boys
Henry M
Harriet M
Harriet M
Olivia Louise S
Kelly N
Hattie P
Lew R
Megan S
Samuel H
Darcie J
Felix W
Micah & Eben
Honor L
Daisy S
Theo S
Matthew W
Maud's son
Marlborough Primary School & Keep Wales Tidy
Lisa's daughter
Leon C
Samuel H
Margaret's nursery kids
Kasia's little girl
Maja May
Isaac & Archie J
Scott Y
Eilidh Mac
William A
Sandy & Claire H
Finlay B
Thomas B
Ines R
Renton & Trevor
Karen's nursery
Whitchurch CE Infant & Nursery School
Alex H
Jack N
Scott M
George C
Claire's Mud Beast
St Marys R C Primary
Finlay S
Gill H's girl
Holly B
Monty T
Sophie and Erin
James and Tom
Avril's boy
Billy B
James D
Maisie A
Lucy M's twins
Joseph P
Thomas B
The Waterlily Children
Gabby and Philip
Alexa M
Owen's Son
Olivia S
Alexander and Eliza T
William and Eloise
Clara M
Harvey H
William F
Beatrice M
Toby S
Huxley Boo
Gracie and Mia
Alex C
Mason E-D
Jame & Abigail
Oscar B
Andrew and James
Ewan N
Faye's kids
Kate's kids
Braden C
Lucy J
George D
Juliana's grandsons
Alffi E
Bella J
Ciara L
William J
Samuel H
Maggies Girls
Robert H
Tobias O
Freddie and Abbie
St Bernards Primary School
George S
Ewan D
Bearbhin and Cillian
Freya E
Jones Family
Renton F
Fleur F
Millie M
Rachels daughter
Hannah and Rachel F
Tessa P
Che M
Kaiya S
Tilly K
Jessica C
Katie W
Ellie & Andrew
Caitlin E
Peter C
Windmill Primary
Sebastian K
Dylan H
Amelie & Bethany
Logan O
Eleri E
Harriet H
Ethan L
Louis M
Ellie R
Finn S
Maddie L
James and William S
Jack and Tahlia W
West Oxford Primary
Bailey N
Jasper and Seren A
Grace W
Connie S
Charlie A
Adelka S
Flynn V
Jessica & Alice C
Tiana H
Ann M's grandchildren
Oliver B
Etienne H
Isaac and Meredith P
Rhys S
Bodie H
Jennys Grandaughter Calum L Matai and Cato Poppy, Ruaridh and Charley
Luca R
Ellis B
Jack H
Horsfield Twins
Ellis S
Ben S
Isla and James B
Havers boys
James H
Katie D
Magnus and Toby
Twins Bryony and Louisa
Daniel F
Ethan W
Angus L
Isabelle B
Luke D
Paige P
Elliott B
Honey D
Daisy C
Niamh B
 Gabriel J
Cecile's son
George G
Lucy J
James D
Chloe M
Rihanna H
Abbie I
Eilidh M
Millie B
James S
Finn H
Jamie T
Rachel G
Findlay P
Troy S
Rafe H
Rory W
Jack H
Tom and Sam N
Christopher R
Sofia B
Chloe P
St Philip Howard Primary
Ethan F
Katie M
Isla S
Max and Louie P
Sam G
Rhys H
Ezzie N
Ivan A
Zach C
Hannah S
Harry P
Archie and Ruby B
Xanthe E
Ruby F
Joshua and Connor
Aimee D
Ridley J
Jamie V
Ioba B
Katie G
Alexander P
St Peter's Forest School Group
Imogen and Lizzie B
Ethan W
Ethan M
Carys G
Elisha and Dominic Y
Leon and Ryan M
Grace Mae M
Ella M
Charlie P
Emily M
Amelia-Jayne W
George H
Jack T
Callum H
Brett S
Anezka K
Charlie M
Katie J
George K
Denisha J
Ella B
Hettie S
Alice, Michael and Erin B
Holly C
Rocky and Stella M
Oliver T
Leo S
Grace Elizabth M
Lewis and Ross P
Alex and Amelie
Olga H
Ruby F
Emily P
Elsie R
Esme F
Heather R
Isabel R
Isabella G
Jacob H
James T
Bronwyn P
Kyle T
Leah M
These are ours!
Peter S
Ronan C
Williams family
Jake T
Ella B
Hannah K
Erika L
Ailsa M
Owen L
Mia P
Henry B
Emma Jane C
Joshua H
Charlotte E
Isabella H
Kirsty S
Archie H
Evan W
Stephanie S
Harry C
Max F
Jessica F
Corrie C
Andrew D
Alfie S
Finlay S
Maisie S

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