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Alison from Thameside Nursery - Scandinavian Ocean Suits (5 years after previously purchasing our Scandinavian Kiba suits)

The Ocean 2 piece suits look great, and they don’t appear to be that different from the Kiba suits. We have certainly had our use out of them!!! Now we have babies, we so want them to enjoy the outdoors as much as our older children do. We couldn’t live without our waterproofs!!!

Kathy from Ellingham School - Ocean Trousers, Ocean Adult Jackets and Trousers, Togz Warm & Dry Suits

Just a quick email to say everything has been received today and I am so impressed with the quality – far superior than we have bought before – we will be replacing other items as they wear out, with yours ! 

[followed later by] Just to let you know that all the waterproofs have now been worn and we are so impressed !  We went out with another school that bought theirs from you nearly 10 years ago, and they are still going strong !! 

Geoff from Kendal - Scandinavian Suit & Trousers

We like the waterproofs we buy from you because they are genuinely waterproof. The welded seams and waterproof material work much better than your average proofed nylon/taped seams garment.  We are in the Lake District and enjoy the outdoors. We need our waterproofs to work.

Carole from Cairns Nursery - Scandinavian dungarees

As my staff let you know yesterday we are keen to stick with the quality we know and now we have different colours for different age groups/ sizes of children.  Thanks for your help once again.

Shakiba from Salford Nursery - bought Togz All in One suits

I am just enquiring about the wet weather suits for my toddlers at my nursery setting. We previously purchased a big order back in 2009 and they have been a great success. I wanted to know if you do still do the suits and of any changes they have occurred over the years.

Mrs H from Newton Aycliffe School - Regatta Puddle Suits

We recently purchased a Regatta all in one. My head teacher and I were very impressed with the quality of the garment and would like to make a further purchase. I would be grateful if you could send the order to school as soon as possible - I'm running out of dry clothes to put my soggy children in :)

Helen from Manchester Primary School bought Scandinavian Dungarees

Thank you. The waterproofs arrived last Friday and will be in action after Easter. I have lots of photos so will try to organise and send you some. We use them a lot for Forest School. They are hard wearing and really easy to use and wash up really well. The children like them because they look like fire fighters!!!!

Cheryl from Scottish Outdoor Nursery - Waterproof World Waders

I own an outdoor children's nursery in Scotland. As our children spend the majority of their time outdoors in woodland spaces they need to be attired appropriately. Over the last 3 years we have seen children dressed in a variety of different waterproofs and we have found for the wet Scottish climate that those who stay driest are the children who wear your waders.

Jan from New Tredegar Primary bought Scandinavian Suits

The suits are wonderful! The children love them and they love going outside to play and learn in all sorts of weather. We had an inspection three weeks ago and midway though that week we had a heavy fall of snow. We abandoned our planned activities, put on the suits and went out to play! We are now ordering more suits for our year 1 and year 2 classes.

Testimonial Quote

Schools and Groups - Welcome to Waterproof World

Here at Waterproof World, we are passionate about outdoor play and its importance in early years development and education.

We started our business after seeing first hand in Scandinavian Forest Schools how much more free and exciting outdoor play could be, with really good protective clothing; i.e. 'Clothing Designed with Play in Mind'.

Happily, this freedom is increasingly being experienced by British children too, as the government education guidelines for Early Years & Foundation Stage places more and more emphasis on Outdoor Learning; and as more schools and nurseries equip accordingly. Some lovely action shots in 'Waterproof Worlds' sent in to us by schools and nursery settings

How we can help

We have worked with lots of schools and settings over the years, helping equip groups from just a few children, to over a thousand at a time, so we have plenty of useful experience and can guide you through our range to find the most appropriate outdoor clothing to meet your needs.

We can usually offer attractive discounts for bulk purchase (the discount amount is dependent on the products chosen, and the numbers required) and we are used to dealing with the various purchasing procedures and policies imposed on educational establishments, such as local authority purchase order.

As well as outdoor play clothes, we can also provide a wide range of keenly priced ski wear and watersports wear, and we are happy to help you pull together kit lists for school trips, expeditions or any outdoor activities. Working closely with both you and our suppliers, we can meet your requirements from the full breadth of their products and across all ages, including teenagers and adults.

Some of our ranges can be personalised with logos (although many waterproof fabrics are not suitable for printing). Contact us for details of how we can help.

Do give us a call on 0845 625 0360 to discuss your requirements and timescales; we have lots of experience and can help in many ways.

Buying Tips

Things to consider when buying outdoor play clothing:

  • Look for our waterproofs 'designed with play in mind'. Breathable, in soft yet tough fabrics and with generous cuts, they are comfortable enough to wear as outdoor overalls to keep children clean, irrespective of weather.
  • Parents tend to buy large to get two seasons worth of wear. Groups tend to buy for a target child age (swapping in new children rather than replacing the clothes). This can lead to a tendency to buy large numbers in a single (average) size.
  • The spread of sizes for young children at a given age is however, enormous, so provision needs to be made for the largest children and the smallest.
  • It can be useful to buy different colours for the different sizes. In this way an outfit can quickly be matched to a child at a glance.
  • It's normally wise to avoid pink; we can offer you a wide range of plain colours, focusing on reds, blues, yellows and greens; and some great print designs.
  • Choice of an all-in-one overall versus a two piece outfit is largely a matter of personal taste. All-in-ones offer very reliable protection, and are quickest to get on and off, with adult assistance.
  • Two pieces can take longer to get in and out of, but are easier for the children to manage unassisted and can be more flexible for all year use.
  • Dungarees (or Bib and Brace) offer quite a lot of protection as play overalls, even without a jacket in warmer weather - as they cover high up the body.
  • Trousers can be easiest for children to manage unassisted, and for toilet visits etc, but don't have the same degree of coverage and protection on their own in the warmer months.
  • Don't forget teacher!! Once the children are completely weatherproof, you'll need good waterproof jacket and trousers too, or long coat !
  • take a look at our general buying tips page for more things to think about in choosing your play clothes.

It can be worth taking one or two products initially to confirm size and expectation before ordering for a full group. Any goods we supply as samples can be discounted retrospectively if they are subsequently followed by a large discounted order. Likewise, unwanted samples can be refunded if returned to us unused and in original packaging. Please call to discuss your requirements on 0845 625 0360 or email us to request our special Schools Information Pack.

Popular Products

Click on the links below for more details of these popular choices for groups. Call us for details - 0845 625 0360.

Danish Two Piece Suit
Danish Two Piece Suits
Scandinavian Dungarees
Scandinavian Separates
Kids  Waders
Kids Waders
Trespas Splash Suit
Trespass Splash Suit
Muddy Puddles Originals Suit
Muddy Puddles Originals
Souwester Hats
Souwester Hat

In addition to these popular choices, we offer bulk purchase Special Order for additional products not held in stock for immediate dispatch.

In addition to our standard discounts, we currently have the following Bulk Stock Opportunities, ready for immediate dispatch:

email us at to secure these offers.

Schools Gallery

Please take time to browse our gallery of photos and testimonials (click here) sent into us by schools and nurseries who are already using our goods, to their great satisfaction. Many groups return to us as funds allow, to expand their outdoor provisions to the widest range of ages.

Growing Schools
The Growing Schools Garden

As a result of our involvement with schools and groups, we have forged a close alliance with the School Grounds Charity, Learning Through Landscapes (LTL); working alongside them in promotion and development of outdoor learning.

View across the gardenWe were honoured to be asked by them to showcase a selection of our products within the Growing Schools Garden at the RHS Hampton Court Flower Show in July 2007.

The garden was commissioned by the Department for Schools, Children and Families; was designed by TV gardener Chris Beardshaw and was co-ordinated by Learning through Landscapes. It won the highest accolades at the show; both a gold medal and the coveted Tudor Rose (best in show) award, and it created enormous visitor and media interest.

Feature created by participating school

The garden was designed to express the themes in the Learning Outside the Classroom manifesto; highlighting the valuable role of outdoor experience in child development, and demonstrating the innovative ways that schools are using the outdoors in providing meaningful learning opportunities for children.

The garden included contributions from over 30 schools and settings from throughout the country, as well as examples of modern school resources and sustainable architectures.

Schools and early years settings from across England worked closely with the partners in designing and creating the garden, some growing plants and some creating features for the garden.  At the show, children from many of the schools provided demonstrations of the wonderful learning, play and social opportunities created through the garden and within their own school grounds. 

Feature created by participating school

The garden also showcased the modern, sustainable school buildings which were being developed through the government’s Building Schools of the Future programme.

Waterproof World at RHS Hampton Court

A presentation of Outdoor Play Clothing, supplied by us, Waterproof World, highlighted the important role that all weather practical clothing has in enhancing the children's learning experiences.

After the show, the garden was re-located to Birmingham Botanical Gardens, where it has become a permanent learning resource for schools and early years settings – and for all visitors to the Gardens.

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