Childrens Waterproofs - Buying Tips

There is waterproof rainwear for children and there is waterproof rain gear that children can play outdoors in. To move freely, kids need soft flexible fabrics, breathable so that they can dash about in comfort, and generously cut to allow warm layers underneath and easy movement.

When selecting kids waterproofs, look out for:

  • breathable, light soft fabrics for comfortable play
  • bright colours your kids will love to wear
  • tough material, to shrug off the inevitable snags and rubs
  • 100% waterproof, to keep them dry however wet it gets
  • good seals where it matters, around wrists, ankles, zips etc.
  • machine washable, so you don't have to
  • built to last, and with a bit of room for them to grow
  • stirrup straps - put them over wellies and you won't see boots getting stuck and coming off in muddy puddles
  • reflective strips, for extra safety
  • well fitted hood - too much fabric can restrict vision.
  • easy to put on, so that kids can do it themselves, or with a little help. All-in-ones are good for parents to get kids into, jacket and dungarees or trousers can be easier for older children to manage themselves.

Sometimes, it can be a struggle getting children to take the time to put on their waterproofs before going out to play. It's important therefore, to select clothes your children feel proud to be seen in. Perhaps let your child select the colour or pattern, so when your package is delivered, you can be assured your kids will be dying to get out there and get splashing!

Almost all our waterproofs are machine washable because as busy parents, hand cleaning items is the last thing you want to do (see our fabrics page for hints on how to best look after your waterproofs).

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